Generic content


We aim to identify and/or develop reusable, customisable versions of generic content materials to be used within our virtual learning environments (VLEs).

Our initial stakeholder engagement activities, and the review of new course proposals, identified a large amount of generic content created by different teams across the Department. This content covers both administrative areas, such as that covered by our course handbooks, and basic skills training in what might be called 'academic literacies', especially in areas such as basic study skills and library and information skills. It was recognised that, in many cases, this information was delivered at the start of a course when students were not fully cognizant of its importance. Therefore, when students need a specific skill they often require retraining. Reusable online content addressing those areas that can be accessed by students at the point of need has much to offer. However, there is also a clear requirement that information and skills training needs to be discipline specific in order for it to be most valuable. We are working with the library and course teams to identify which topics would be most valuable to develop and how to ensure they are easily customisable to ensure greatest utility and uptake.

Purpose of the pilot study

Types of generic content being investigated